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Additional Information: Reading a Survey Plan | Identifying Property Boundaries

Reading a Survey Plan

When a client receives a plan of survey or an identification survey plan, it is often confusing to understand what it means.  The plans have to be drawn to a standard and in a manner dictated by the Department of Natural  Resources, so it is not necessarily easy for the public to read.  The plan is a legal document and represents marks found and marks placed during the survey.  The plan will show the boundaries of the block in the form of bearings and distances, as well as the area.  Some of this information is in the form of shorthand. 

Diagrams--Often diagrams are required to shown detail.  Surveyors are required by law to show encroachments over the boundaries.  Diagrams are usually to a different scale to show things clearly. Setout below is a brief explanation of some of these abbreviations.

OP --Original Peg--A peg from a plan in the public registry.

OIP -- Original Iron Pin--An iron pin set in the ground by a previous surveyor  referenced to the corner

OPM --Original Permanent Mark--A permanent survey mark that is in the public registry.

SFP -- Square Fence Post

C.Face SFP --Centre face of Square Fence Post

RFP --Round fence post

PM --Permanent Mark

Rmns OP --Remains of Original Peg

Peg Pld --Peg Placed at a corner

Mo Mk Pld --No marked placed at corner

No Mk Poss --No mark possible to be placed.

OSP --Original Survey Post

D/H --Drill Hole

ORT --Original Reference Tree

Cor. SFP --Corner of Square Fence Post

Traverse Table --A table of connections/traverses

Reference Marks --Marks placed to refer to the corner.
These are used when corner pegs are gone.

Permanent Marks - A list of permanent marks placed or connected to.

Meridian --This is the horizontal datum of this plan

AMG --Australian Map Grid

MGA --Map Grid of Australia

N.T.S --Not to Scale

BUP --Building Units Plan

RP --Registered Plan

SCALE --The scale of the main drawing of the plan.

SP --Survey Plan

MP --Mining Plan

Cen RFP 0.12S --Offsets to the corners are often shown on fences that are near corners. This indicates the round fence post is 0.12m south of the corner

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